Moving is a very stressful process. Everything has to be packed up and then unpacked. It often feels that your life is unorganized. For first time movers things can be especially stressful. There will be questions about the entire process, how to handle the move, if the movers should be tipped, when to turn off the water, and many other things. When working with professional movers there are some basic thing to follow.

Keep in mind that tipping is option when it comes to dealing with the movers. They do not rely on tips as a major part of their income. They do appreciate tips when they get them. A tip at the end of the moving job is not something that is expected.

There are certain times when the movers have to be tipped. If they did an exceptional job then a cash bonus is a great way of saying thank you. Selecting the best moving company in Carlsbad, CA will provide great service and no tip is required. There are some things to keep in mind before tipping the movers. Tips are option so the movers should not demand them.

Before tipping the movers keep these things in mind:

– Did the movers work in a timely manner? Were they on time and did they deliver your things in a timely fashion?

– Were the careful with your belongings or was it just another job for them?

– Were they polite and willing to work to meet your needs?

– Did they go above and beyond expectations?

If the answer is yes to these questions they the movers deserve a tip. There are two basic forms of tipping for the movers. They are both appreciated. Tips include money, refreshments, or in some cases both.

If you decide to tip the moves with a free lunch then this is a great way to show you appreciation for them. Find out what they like to eat and what they like to drink. Moving for you may mean a meal of pizza and beer but for the movers it is going to be different. Whatever you get them in appreciated and let them pick the style of food that they want.

Cash tips are for jobs that go above and beyond the normal moving standards. Do not worry about trying to figure out how much percentage is appropriate for the job. A flat tip is good enough. On average the tip for a mover is $20 for a full day and $10 for a half day of work. You can tip or more less then these amounts.

Moving can be a big headache. From getting the timeline to packing and deciding if the movers will get a tip is a big process. With this process there are many questions. When it comes to paying the movers a tip for extra effort is appreciated. You are not required to tip the movers but giving them a tip will be appreciated especially if they did an exceptional job.